Nikon Rifle Scopes

Nikon rifle scopes have the optical clarity and brightness to run head to head with the best of the optics industry. However it's Nikon's scope specialization and innovation that brings them to the front of the pack. This specialization shines through in models like the M-223 designed for AR-15 rifles, the Coyote Special for predator hunting, Nikon Monarch X for precision tactical and target shooting, and the Monarch African for dangerous game just to name a few. Not to overlook the the versatile and popular Prostaff rifle scopes and the workhorse Buckmaster models. These scopes are well known among sportsmen and women to give you the high quality glass and workmanship, but in a mid level price range. Superb value without sacrificing premium quality sums up this line of optics.  In addition to these riflescopes outstanding optical performance  they also offer a full range of specialized reticles including the BDC reticles that offer innovative see-through circles that provide a great advantage for long-range shoots as well as a normal cross-hair for closer targets. All of the Nikon riflescopes are backed by a fantastic lifetime warranty.   ~ScopesN'More

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